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Services Project Organizes Study Visits to Romania, The Netherlands, and The U.K. in October and November, 2015

  • 2 September 2015
Services Project Organizes Study Visits to Romania, The Netherlands, and The U.K. in October and November, 2015

Co-financed by the Republic of Turkey and the European Union and conducted by Economic and Financial Policies Directorate of the Ministry for European Affairs, Support to Preparation of the National Strategy for Harmonization with the EU Acquis in the “Right of Establishment and Freedom to Provide Services” Chapter Project and a team of thirty selected among the stakeholder institutions of the project will organize 3 study visits to Romania on 1-2 October, to the Netherlands on 5-6 October and to the U.K. on 5-6 November.

Study visits are being organised in order to evaluate EU practices and researches in the field of ROE, FPS, and MRPQ, particularly in relation to the characteristics of the PSC and NCP mechanisms. The study visits will aim to strengthen the capacity of the high-ranking representatives of the Steering Committee and Stakeholder Institutions.

The study visits will create an effective platform for observing best practices in the EU and establishing partnerships with the institutions in the destination country.

A Pre-visit Information Note including specific information about the countries and institutions to be visited, program agenda, contacts, expectations and logistical details, will be prepared and disseminated to all relevant parties prior to the visit to ensure the utmost benefit of the participants.

All participants will be invited to the Institution Building Workshop (Pre-Visit Information Meeting) on 11th and 14th of September, in Holiday Inn Hotel, which aims to review the Pre-Visit Information Note in order to ensure a mutual understanding and clarify the expectations of the participants, as well as to respond to any question and/or demands that they would like to emphasize.

During the study visits, the participants will be supported and led by Technical Assistance Team members, the relevant key experts and a senior administrative staff, to ensure the maximum efficiency and smooth progress of the programme.

Following each visit, an Evaluation Report will be prepared to observe the evaluation and satisfaction of the participants during the visit.


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