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Services Project – Conducted Workshops

  • 13 April 2016
Services Project – Conducted Workshops

The workshops on Point of Single Contact and National Assistance Centre Draft Action Plan Evaluation were held on April 4-5 2016 at the Ankara Kavaklıdere Holiday Inn Hotel, under supervision of the project experts Mr. Mustafa Afyonluoğlu and Ms. Sare Gül Sevil. A huge turnout of the participants from relevant public institutions, professional organisations and NGO’s was achieved during the workshops.


Active stakeholder participation was observed at both days of the Action Plan Evaluation Workshops where the functions, authorisations and duties of the relevant institutions were discussed regarding the establishment of the Points of Single Contacts and National Assistance Centres with respect to the Services and Professional Qualifications Directives.


Above mentioned workshops have the feature of being the last project workshop on Institutional Capacity-based workshop of the Services Project. However, the workshops regarding the Services Directive and the Professional Qualifications Directives will be continued respectively in April, May and June, 2016. A workshop on Draft Action Plan Evaluation regarding the Services Directive will be held on Thursday, April 14, 2016 at the Ankara Kavaklıdere Holiday Inn Hotel, where deep interest and participation of the relevant stakeholders are being expected.  

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