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TNA study

TNA study

Within the scope of the Services Project (Support to Preparation of the National Strategy for Harmonization with the EU Acquis in the “Right of Establishment and Freedom to Provide Services” Chapter - Relaunch) which is carried out by the Ministry for European Union Affairs, a TNA study has been conducted for all stakeholders of the project.

In this framework, a questionnaire including 34 questions has been prepared by TAT experts in order to identify the training needs of the stakeholders. Subsequent to its preparation, the questionnaire has been shared with the stakeholders and NGOs via internet. In the meantime, our TNA experts have conducted face-to-face interviews with the institutions on the questionnaire during two weeks. The issues listed in these visits are in the following; the trainings that institutions formerly received, their opinions on these former trainings, the topics of the trainings necessary for the upcoming periods.

According to the analysis report to be prepared on the basis of the results of the questionnaire filled by the institutions, the necessary areas of training for the institutions will be identified and required 

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